Since the 2000’s, we have taking the lead, the rest will follow us.

Energysa Group presents the most advanced and updated Computerized Cutting-System for Cars Window Tint in Europe and over the World. Our Software ENERCUT has the World’s fastest running version: EnerCut vers. 13.1.3 ( October 2023), a highly protected Client-Server application integrated with Internet.

“The brightest idea at your fingertips”

software de corte lunas tintadas


EnerCut, is a software designed for Professional Installers of Car Tinting. Nevertheless, even unexperienced users can use it without worries. For all Energysa CLIENTS and dealers, EnerCut is completely free, with no fees or fixed payments.

EnerCut vers. 13.1.3

Europe’s First Tinted Window Cutting Software EnerCut admits thousands of perfect computerized high-end cuts for cars’ window tint.

Your cutters will be used as decoration!.


Simple and Useful

EnerCut could be downloaded via Internet and being installed in your work computer in less than 2 minutes. It’s very simple and very easy to use, with optimized access to our DataBase via the Internet and real visualization of the windows on the actual cutting positions on the rollers.

Important TimeSaving

Apart from its ease at work and after a simple selection of the brand of the vehicle to precut, its model, its release year then its photography visualization, you can immediately get the templates on your screen prepared for being cut. Your space management on your film roll is too easy, the material gain is huge and the cutting is done in less than 2 minutes! You do not need your regular cutters anymore!

Free Software

ENERCUT is also the first Software in the world to be totally Free. Goodbye fees and monthly payments, long live for Savings!!
The Energysa Group provides ENERCUT to all their CLIENTS and dealers as a Free Service. The first version of EnerCut was launched after several years of development between 2000 and 2004 v1.0 was in a Madrid Auto Show, after several years of development.


Constant and Periodic Update

ENERCUT is working in 13 languages including French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, etc… A team works day and night to provide you with the most cost-effective IT Tool in the World for the sake of net-billing for your business. Its Update is in addition totally free and remote. All new cars’ templates are a priority on our updates. Similarly they are remote with nothing to do on your computer, anything! The tinting time is reduced to less than the half and the material-saving goes up 30%.
programa de corte lunas tintadas enercut

The simple use of ENERCUT based on 5 steps:

1. Internet Connection
2. Vehicle Selection
3. Screen Loading
4. Plotter Cutting
5. Film Applying

EnerCut, Europe’s First Cutting-Software for Window Tint


Operating as a Client-Server.

Quickly installable via the Internet.


Available in 13 languages.

Easily usable.

software de corte unas tintadas plotter

Cutting Plotter

EnerCut optimally works with any renowned brand of Cutting Plotters: GCC, ROLAND, SUMMA, GRAPHTEC, MIMAKI.
Our software works in Ports: USB, Ethernet/IP, COMM/Serial, LPT/Parallel.

Technical Requirments


  • Processor: Pentium 5 or higher
  • RAM: 512 MB or more
  • Resolution: 1024×768
  • Operating Systems: WinNT or higher (Win98, WinMillenium, Win2000, WinXP, WinVista, Win7, Win8, Win10),
  • Internet Connection
  • Browser: InternetExplorer 6 or more

Compatible with:

  • Mobile Access Point’s Sharing
  • Touch screens
  • Tablets with Windows OS and USB ports
software de corte lunas tintadas requerimientos


  • USB
  • Ethernet/IP
  • Series/COMM
  • Parallel/LPT

Would you like to know more about EnerCut?

Contact us without obligation to know all the facilities

EnerCut versions’ history

EnerCut 12.3
[2020 - ****]
EnerCut 11.9
EnerCut 6.2
EnerCut 1.0


Which Cutting-Plotters are compatible with ENERCUT?
Actionally, any cutting-plotter admitting the HP-GL language is compatible with ENERCUT. However, the printers are incompatible. Thus, we only guarantee the correct and optimal functioning of renowned brands of cutting-plotters, such as: ROLAND, SUMMA, GCC, GRAPHTEC, MIMAKI
However, several plotters are sold for ridiculous prices. All these plotters are defective at the time of configuration, during their cut as at the times of adjustment of the cutting pressure. Indeed, these plotters admit buffer overflow on their internal memory, which leaves any big form cutting: incorrect. From where, it would be necessary to increment with each cut all distended form, the rear glasses then the side windows, etc… Also, their cutting pressure is unstable, cutting a part of a window properly and another part the film with the protector, the forms incomplete… Hence, a total blockage at work!!
At the level of the known cutting-plotters (ROLAND, SUMMA, GCC, GRAPHTEC, MIMAKI, etc.), a pressure of 40g can vary, as much as possible and in the worst cases, between 39 and 41g. On the other hand in a Chinese cutting machines with a ridiculous price, this same pressure’s value varies between 30 and 50g, creating a disaster situation.
Which blade should you use with ENERCUT?
To have perfect cuts on our HP and nC automotive-films, the most optimal blade is generally those of 30º or 35º (30º for some famous brands like ROLAND or MIMAKI, 35º for others like SUMMA).
A 45º-blade can cut properly the film, but with a shorter life than the others.
How to download ENERCUT?
It is through a link! That’s very simple! You should just contact us to help you!
How long does it take to cut HP/nC automotive-films with ENERCUT?
ENERCUT is the fastest working software in the world, regardless of the computer or Windows operating system’s version. Cutting a vehicle can be done in less than 2 minutes!
Do all car models exist on ENERCUT?
Our DataBase admits much more than the 97% of current vehicles in Europe as on other continents. Nevertheless, its updating is constant to always serve you better.
If I cut a rear window on ENERCUT, then I shrink it to take the shape and adapt it to the curves of the glass, should I use the cutter?
No. Even if the cutting-plotters have an error margin of 1 or 2mm, the cuts are computerized by a team of ITs and Window Film professionals. They are working day and night so that the shrinking and the application of renowned High-Performance or nanoCeramic automotive-films, such as SolTek and Madico, are in the blink of an eye and without cutters.
What is the recommended width of the Cutting-Plotters with ENERCUT?
The width of your renowned cutting-plotter does not affect the time of operation of our cutting software. However, a width of 1.20m or more covers the absolute majority of the rear windows to be cut. Similarly, a famous branded plotter with such a width can be easily used to also cut Vinyl and PPF. Hence, it will be very useful at working time and swiftly paid-off in the short term (of time). Please do not hesitate to contact us for personalized offers of renowned cutting plotters at the best price than the existing on your market.
How easy is it to use ENERCUT?
Definitely, it is too easy! Unlike other programms, ENERCUT is without comparison the most suitable software to the realities of the automotive films’ sector and to any type of user, especially for very beginners. Its installation and its surface are realistic, ergonomic and too easy to interact.
Are there any film savings with ENERCUT?
Yes, absolutely! In only one roll, you can tint more vehicles with the least amount of waste. The more space controlled by a simple computer mouse, the more the gain of HP/nC film is maximum compared to working by hand with a cutter. In addition, the time saved is enormous and, in addition, it is safer and more ergonomic to precut than to cut with a cutter on the glazing. Thus, no traces on the erasers and a total warranty against complaints.
Are the templates displayed on ENERCUT for dismantling the windows?
The templates are displayed graphically on the software. They are computerized for very quick and easy films’ applications without dismantling any window. Remember that one of the goals of our cutting program is the huge saving of time in cutting and application.
How much does ENERCUT cost?
It is absolutely Free! ENERCUT is a free service-tool for all our collaborators and dealers promoting our HP and nC automotive-films. Unlike all other paid programs with fixed charges/fees, we exclusively offer it for their incomparable competitiveness, enormous cost and time savings. Similarly and definitively forgetting the cutters, your work becomes completely ergonomic.
Is it expensive to maintain my Cutting Plotter with ENERCUT?
Not at all ! A cutting plotter consumes the same amount of electrical energy as a simple paper printer. There are two wearing components: the Teflon Tape and the Blade. With three tinted vehicles a day for example, they can last for six to twelve months.