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Version History

EnerCut v.7.2 [May 2012]

Support for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Likewise support Windows 2000 and 2003 with current service packs.

Characteristics of the new version:

  • Photography system to check if is the right car,does not consume points.
  • Collocation of the patterns over the marking film
  • Marks control over the film.
  • You can work in whichever languages from the 13 and all the information it is shown up on the chosen language.
  • Control over the film consumption.
  • Optimize selection of the wade roll, besides of
  • Degradation on the screen to can facilitate the cutting for two colors film.
  • When you select the version of the car, the template shown up directly on your screen.
  • You get in directly from the program from the marks page, there is not an external access from the main page.
  • New Software to accelerate the reading patterns.
  • More buttons to accelerate the collocation of the patterns.
  • EnerCut has in the configuration an alternative connection in case of the main connection fails.
  • Buttons for movement much faster.
EnerCut v.6.0 to 6.2 [August 2009]
EnerCut v.5.3 [October 2008]
EnerCut v.5.2 [June 2008]
EnerCut v.5.1 [February 2008]
EnerCut v.4.0 to 4.3 [March 2007]
EnerCut v.3.1 [June 2006]

13 languages:
Spanish - USA - Portuguese / Brazilian - French - Italian - German - Romanian - Russian - Bulgarian - Arabic - Korean - Japanese - Chinese

EnerCut v.3.0 [January 2006] Multi-idioma (6 idiomas)
EnerCut v.2.1 [April 2005]
EnerCut v.2.0 [January 2005]
EnerCut v.1.2 [November 2004]
EnerCut v.1.1.1 [October 2004]
EnerCut v.1.1 [July 2004]
EnerCut v.1.0 [May 2004]